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2D Photos

Thanks to our laser technology you can engrave your most precious photos, logos, texts, drawings, etc., in 2d for eternity in the heart of crystal glass.


How does it work ?

Gravure Laser 2d

Step 1 :

Provide us with a good quality picture (min.1020x768 pixels) which can be on paper or digital: CD Rom, USB stick, memory card, etc.

You can also email your files to the following address: or order direct from our e-shop!

Gravure 2d laser

Step 2 :

Your picture will first be processed using our photo optimisation software (trimming, contrast adjustment and any mounts) and then converted into a high-resolution file ready for engraving.

Gravure 2d au laser

Step 3 :

Your file will then be laser-engraved using our cutting-edge technology onto the crystal item of your choice: plaques, frames, paperweights, key rings, lamps, candlesticks, clocks, etc.

The engraving takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the size of the item you've chosen.

You can then also add the wording (name, date, signature, etc.) of your choice.




Step 4 :

And here's your picture, engraved in the heart of the crystal for ever! You can even make your 2d object even more eye-catching with one of our illuminated bases fitted with white or coloured LEDs.