Located in Brussels and founded in 2004,
TREE-D S.A. specialises in laser-engraving crystal glass.

By investing in cutting-edge laser technology, in a few short years
TREE-D has become the leader in the Belgian market and its position
in Europe is growing stronger by the day.

For this reason, in 2008 the company founded the 3D LASER WORLD® group,
an organisation which is open to new European partners with a view to better meeting
the expectations of the international market.

3D LASER WORLD designs, produces and markets 2d and 3d laser-engraving
of photos, portraits, logos, texts or items intended as ornaments, gifts, trophies and awards,
luxury gifts and gifts for new babies, christenings, communions, engagements, weddings,
jubilees, funeral items and advertising or merchandising items.

With its own laser and scanning machines, 3D LASER WORLD is in complete control
of the production process and is in a position not only to offer its customers extremely short
turnaround times, but also to fully personalise all these articles item by item if required.

Our mobile studio (3d camera and laser) can travel to showrooms,
events or other activities and engrave crystal articles for you on the spot before your eyes!

Our crystal items are on sale to the general public, companies and a network of retail stores.

You can also order all our articles via our

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